I use layered painted paper collages to capture moments in time, drawing from the infinite possibilities created by looking closely at my world.

Both in their content and the physical presence of each piece, I intend to breathe life into the mundane and familiar by experimenting with layering, shadow, color, pattern, and subtle nuances of light and form. Moreover, I want to create a visual shorthand that speaks of unending movement and evolution by layering and juxtaposing colors, vibrant patterns, and shapes.

The process of using painted paper collages is both spontaneous and intentional. Accidental brush marks occur while painting multiple layers of paint on the paper. A rhythm of edges develops from the thickness of the paper as it is glued to the surface.  I work carefully from back to front to create the image until the desired result is achieved.

With this work, I provide a view of the underlying life and beauty in the mundane and the sheer strangeness of it all.