As a landscape painter, I am interested in the pictorial and informative potential of buildings that are undistinguished and overlooked. Suburban platt homes, garages, cottages, etc.Garages, vacation cottages, ice fishing huts, etc…are all part of the contemporary landscape. These subjects are rich with visual and conceptual possibilities.

I initially work from observation, indoors from landscapes I build and outdoors from what I observe using oil paint or painted, cut paper. Painting from observation strips the buildings down to their elemental form. Layering in cut paper shapes lends itself to the same calculated process.

Harmonizing with these observed paintings are investigative and instinctive explorations with cut paper and more recently, poured acrylic paint. While making these paper and acrylic paintings in the studio I use a combination of observation, memory, and invention. The two practices complement and inform each other, each approach bringing unique qualities to the work.

Divesting myself of limiting preconceptions is a necessary condition of creating these paintings. The challenge is to translate visual information into paintings that speak of their own making as both image and object.