I paint utilizing close observation. Whether I am looking out my window, standing in my yard or in a grand landscape, I look for geometric shapes, light, form and color. My paintings are distilled visual experiences. As I look, I remove the unnecessary and find the essential.
I live in a small Midwest city. The homes in my neighborhood are very close together. What I see daily are homes, garages and sheds. This is my subject matter. In the winter, I build my own small houses and create interior landscapes. Some are fun, imaginative landscapes. Others are more formal juxtaposing the tiny houses against an actual house via a window.
The cut paper paintings are flights of fantasy based on observations and memories of a place.  The two methods talk to each other. One couldn’t exist without the other.
My work is influenced many painters but particularly by Lois Dodd, Alex Katz, Merlin James, Peter Doig, Georgio Morandi and Mitchell Johnson.
My paintings are not about ideas but rather of direct experience. They are about the journey of looking.


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