My paintings and collages are based on working from observation. Color plays a role in the economy of expression, which is the main formal focus of my work. Through this process, with paint and other materials I manipulate color, shape, composition and subject matter in such a way that it engages the viewer and invites a closer investigation and interpretation.

For the past several years I have been painting small house/garage structures en plein air. I have found that I look for motifs that evoke an emotion such as sad, joyful or lonely and other feelings along the way. Then while painting from life, I work to visually capture these inclinations in the paintings. Often I am not sure of what I am seeing and it becomes clear as the work progresses. I have spent equal time creating collages from these paintings or sections to further explore these ideas.
I recently saw the Morandi show at the Center for Italian Modern Art in New York. That artwork influenced me to create a new series. I have been creating small tabletop landscapes/still-life set-ups using small houses that I have made. In my process of working in this manner I found that I could use tape to change the color of the houses. I paint the tape with the color I desire to observe or best convey my message and attach it to the houses. I place these into the “constructed landscape” along with familiar items such as sushi grass, a Lego wall, or a toy soldier to further evoke and explore my personal narrative and hopefully an emotional response in the viewer.
With this new direction, I can further explore my ideas of controlling the size or scale, color and quantity of the “tiny houses”. Taking what I find while working in plein air and having the conversation continue in the studio with this invented method of landscape. At this point in time the two forms are reliant on each other. This studio work then informs my en plein air work, continuing the painting dialogue, as I return to engage directly with nature.


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