My work, with its various investigations, is about color, light, shadows, and patterns. I also explore surface texture through paint handling and layering paper.

The subject matter is small utilitarian buildings. I’ve always lived in the city. As a child, I frequently walked the alleys near my home looking at the shadows and patterns cast on and by the garages. I still take those walks today.

My process is both investigative and instinctive, letting the un-anticipatable to occur. I look carefully at the planes of the buildings, looking closely at the color; reflective, dull, intense, and at the space around and between the buildings, painting the “air” I see around them. Frequently patterns and rhythms develop from the cast shadows offering dramatic contrasts.

While using oil paint, I work from observation, outdoors when the weather is favorable, indoors from tabletop landscapes I create during the Winter. While making the cut paper paintings I use a combination of observation, memory, and invention. Both processes explore the same things but each approach brings unique qualities to the work.